How to Deal with the Errors on Showbox?

No matter how good an application is, none is perfect enough to have a zero error user interface. There are some problems that occur during use and of course you don’t know how to deal with all of them. Hence, here is a list of possible problems and their solution which will help you deal with them better and easier.


The first thing that might come to your mind is use an alternative app and wait until the problem is fixed but, on second thoughts, the problem won’t disappear magically. You need to be able to get a proper solution and get rid of the problem.

In this article, we will tell you about problems and ways to deal with the same. Let us begin with them!

Showbox app Update not working, Server not available!

This is the basic problem faced by users in the form of errors. There could be the following three reasons because of which they occur. Here is how once can solve those and get rid of the same.

* Video not available, Try another server Solution This problem occurs generally with those movies and shows which have been updated newly on the servers. There is a way out, especially for the Android users.

The problem can be solved once you update the application when the notification appears itself. You can clear the cache by visitng the settings followed by apps and then go to the clear data and clear cache option after a click on Showbox app.

* Unfortunately, Show Box has Stopped Error Fix

This yet again is a problem pertaining to the upgrade and cached data. Follow the same steps as said above to clear cache and free data. Once done, the application will work perfectly fine and smoothly.

* Video not Available Now/Server Not Available

This is a problem which is directly connected to issues with the developers. This issue can be solved only by them and there is nothing you can do but wait for the developers to work it out.

These were some of the basic problems faced during using Showbox APK. Well, there are both perks and flaws of being the most used app. As they say, with more power comes more responsibility. Such issues will remain; however, the solution is what needs to be concrete.

Hope this helped! Happy fixing!

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Opera mini for PC – Reliable Web Browser

Today every smartphone requires a smart web browser and Opera mini web browser satisfies all the requirements for becoming a smart web browser.
It gives an amazing web Experiences through its fastest speeds and unique understandable icons.

Data Saver
-It helps in saving all types of datas even when we are already searching surfing or sharing our contents online.

Best For :-
-opera mini is regarded as one of the best web browsers for the cellphones having an Android version of 2.3 or more.

Opera mini for PC

Eye-Comforting and Reliable Homepage :-
-The home page is not at all messy like other browsers as it contains a smooth and beautiful combination of all the required icons.
-It makes our online journey more speedy, easy and worthy through its simplified settings and swipe supports.

A Comfortable style of New tabs :-
-In opera mini, we can find a varied style of arrangement of every new tab.
-It makes our online work easy and speedy.

Records our Data Usage :-
-we can get a well organised summary of our data usage and can track our data savings with its amazing feature of data recording.

Prevention from storage of cookies in our own devices :-
-It includes its own tabs to prevent our history and cookies from getting stored in our devices.

Different styles of layouts :-
-It has 3 styles of customized layouts which enables us to choose our favourite ones.

Easement of Sync and Share :-
-We can sync and share our contents between computers, tablets and our phones through this browser without leaving any of our required contents or bookmarks.
-We can store our favourite sites as bookmark on speed dial of our mobile and can read it offline.
-It gives us the feature of adding our favourite search engines .

Saves our Mobile-Data
-It uses less data pack in comparision with the other browsers.
-So we get the benefit of faster Internet and more out of our data plans.

Smart Downloads Manager
-We can get faster downloads through it.
-It enables us to do more than one download at a time.
-We can pause and Resume our downloads at anytime and at anywhere.
-We can also postpone our downloading of large files until we are not on wifi and can resume it whenever we connect to the wifi.

Cares for our Eyes :-
-It is the only popular browser along with the Night mode feature.
-This feature make us read comfortably in the dark.
-The Night mode make us choose between two options to dim the screen and relieve our eyes at night.
-It also supports the font styles whichever is set up as default in our cellphones.

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Sky Map – Spiruality at its best

Sky Map – Spiruality at its best

Sky Map connects with me on a spiritual level. From a very young age I have been fascinated with stars and heavenly bodies. I remember staring at the night sky with my late father one night in the park. There was a power cut, and nobody used to have inverters back then. The night sky shone at me and my father pointed to various stars and told me their names and the legends that surrounded them in Greece and India.

Sky Map – Spiruality at its best

A bat flying overhead would pass as a brief shadow in the stars and you could make out the size of its wings. Since that night, I have attempted to look at the night sky when power goes out (which it does frequently where I live), and I have always been greeted by shimmering stars and frequent, almost inconspicable meteors on clear summer nights and perfectly round moondogs on cloudy winter ones.

You can download Sky map app from here.

Using Sky Maps has helped me memorise the names of stars and constellations. It has made me dextrous in identifying planets in the night sky (I’m pretty good at it too). Simply using my phone’s GPS and accelerometer, Sky Maps is efficient and precise in fulfilling its purpose. It can help you locate a star or nebula in the sky by showing little arrows that point in the direction in which you may move the mobile phone in order to point at the object you’re looking for.

Sky Maps is so efficient; it will bring up Wikipedia articles for you to read if you ask it to. There is no telling how much you can learn by surfing Wikipedia. Best yet, there are versions of the app by different developers that will give you the Indian name of the star or constellation you are looking at.

Getting a tad bit into technicalities, you can see the elliptic and equator on your screens. It is convenient for people learning to set a telescope’s azimuth and altitude. There is even an option to change your date and location on the Earth to as far back or as forward as you’d need to see. You can get notifications on meteor showers on Facebook groups or emails and you can sit with your head opposite to the radial centre, thanks to your handy Sky Maps app, and relish the meteors flash by as you sip your favourite drink.

There used to be a time when people had to learn for quite a while before being able to identify the stars and planets in the night sky. Now you have an app for it, and using it will gradually educate you too.

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Hike - fast and easy communications

Hike messenger – Fast & Easy Communication

In today’s era of easy and fast communications many innovations has been occurred building the new walls of our speedier interactivity.
Among all the amazing communication Applications Hike is one of the most varied and reliable application. It contributes innumerable heart seeking features which nobody of us can even imagine.Lets go through the beauty of this messenger.

Regional stickers:-
-Regional stickers are regarded as one of the amazing creativities of hike messenger.
-We can express ourselves at a large extent through these regional stickers which are available to us in our languages and in varied styles of expressions.
-This stickers really add fun and refreshment to the normal conversations and makes our social relations more healthy.

Privacy :-
-It is also an Amazing feature of this messenger.
-In a normal communication Messenger our profile, our updates including our last seen are visible to all the stalkers as their phone numbers are already saved in our contacts.
-But this feature doesnot comes in the features of hike.
-In Hike, We can limit this issue by the features of adding and removing persons.
-Whoever is added can be able to see our profile, updates and last seen and whoever is not cannot be able to see our single update.

Hike - fast and easy communications

Hidden Mode :-
– Another best feature of this messenger is the hidden mode.
-Now we can hide our personal chats and secretive files that we want to keep private from the world by just giving a simple Password.
-After hiding those conversations now whoever takes your phone cannot be able to detect your secretives.

Alternative of e-mails :-
-Have you ever sent a PDF or a ZIP file via a messenger? No..
-Hike is going to surprise you as hike is the only popular Messenger which can send all your Non-Media files such as PDF, ZIP, Doc. PPT, APK and much more.

Hike only Online.. no! Its now Offline too..! :-
-Suppose if one your friends or family members is offline and you want to send an urgent immediate message to him/her, what you will do?
-Dont worry if there’s hike, as it rubs your difficulty by sending them your messages as an SMS immediately on their cell phones at no cost and when they reply you will get the message in your hike automatically.

Hike Achievements:-
-Hike is the only application through which we can share large files and videos upto 100 MB each.

Chat themes:-
-Another surprising feature of hike are the chat themes and different choices which are easily available in them
-In other messengers the chat themes remains private upto our cellphones
-But in hike messenger we get the advantage of two-way chat themes.
-Whenever we change the theme of one of the chats , hike automatically changes the theme of our following friend.
-The theme remains different from person to person.

Use hike save your money:-
-Hike has came up again with a unique feature of saving our normal SMS costs.
-If we want to send some required messages to a person who is not a hike-user , it is possible using our hike messengers without losing a single penny!
Note :- This free SMS can only be sent to those people residing in the boundaries of India.

Multi-Faceted Sharing Messenger:-
-Hike can share everything photos, songs, voice clips, movies, videos, contacts, walkie-talkie messages, everything!

Hike – comforting messenger:-
-Hike is fast, and uses “sent”, “delivered”, “Read”,and “Typing”  notifications.
-It feels as if the person from whom we are chatting is sitting infront us as we corely get the reactions of the person whom we are chatting on this messenger.
-We can create Group chats and one-on-one chats.

Hike surprises us:-
-There’s an ultimate surprise for us.
-Hike can be stored easily in our S.D. cards.
-Thus solves the issues of less memory storage in our cellphones.

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Subway Surfers for PC - How to Download to PC?

Subway Surfers for PC – How to Download to PC?

Subway Surfer is a mobile game co-developed by a private company named Kiloo. Subway Surfers is a famous game for an ‘endless running’. A big fat policeman accompanied by a dog runs after Jake which is a default character as he is caught apply graffiti to a train. You have to run the tracks, dodge the policemen and dash in order to score. As Jake runs he can grab the gold coins to a high score. Jake is the default character. A different character can be chosen from ME but you need to unlock them to select the character. Unlocking can be done by collecting certain goods or by purchasing them in exchange of coins. To make the game a little more interesting many power ups are provided and the character is also rewarded for accomplishing certain specific tasks.

Subway Surfers for PC - How to Download to PC?

The game comes to an end when the character crashes directly or even stumbles into an obstacle and is caught by the policemen.

Lets see how to play this game on your PC

Now to get started, all you need is an Android emulator on your PC. Subway Surfer can be installed from any android emulator available on the market. Most popular ones are: IntelAppUp and BlueStacks. Though to play Surfers on your PC IntelAppUp is highly recommended as BlueStacks is very slow which spoils the fun and it also gives to many errors.

Best Alternative of Subway Surfer – Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC

Now just follow the below mentioned processed and you can easily and successfully download Subway Surfer game on your PC.

  1. Go to the official site of IntelAppUp. There will be a list of many operating system it supports. Beneath that you can see a ‘Download Now’ box.
  2. As IntelAppUp supports many operating systems by default. So just hit on the ‘Download Now’ button and download the software program.
  1. After the IntelAppUp is installed on your PC open it. On the left hand side you can see a variety of categories: New arrivals, Books, Touch Screen Featured Apps etc.
  1. Select the Featured Apps. Many games will be displayed, some will have a price listed to them, which you need to pay before you can download and play. As Subway Surfers is a free game you can download it for free.
  1. Before you can download Subway Surfers for free you need to sign up for an account on the IntelAppUp software program which is again for free of cost.
  1. After signing up for a free account on IntelAppUp. Log in and download Subway Surfers.
  1. Just proceed with the installation process after the game Subway Surfers are installed.
  1. After the entire process a small icon of Subway Surfer can be seen on your desktop.
  1. Double click on the icon to run the application.
  1. Select the screen resolution and begin with the fun adventure you get to experience while playing Subway Surfers.

Keep checking for more updates on latest buzz in tech!

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