Subway Surfers for PC - How to Download to PC?

Subway Surfers for PC – How to Download to PC?

Subway Surfer is a mobile game co-developed by a private company named Kiloo. Subway Surfers is a famous game for an ‘endless running’. A big fat policeman accompanied by a dog runs after Jake which is a default character as he is caught apply graffiti to a train. You have to run the tracks, dodge the policemen and dash in order to score. As Jake runs he can grab the gold coins to a high score. Jake is the default character. A different character can be chosen from ME but you need to unlock them to select the character. Unlocking can be done by collecting certain goods or by purchasing them in exchange of coins. To make the game a little more interesting many power ups are provided and the character is also rewarded for accomplishing certain specific tasks.

Subway Surfers for PC - How to Download to PC?

The game comes to an end when the character crashes directly or even stumbles into an obstacle and is caught by the policemen.

Lets see how to play this game on your PC

Now to get started, all you need is an Android emulator on your PC. Subway Surfer can be installed from any android emulator available on the market. Most popular ones are: IntelAppUp and BlueStacks. Though to play Surfers on your PC IntelAppUp is highly recommended as BlueStacks is very slow which spoils the fun and it also gives to many errors.

Now just follow the below mentioned processed and you can easily and successfully download Subway Surfer game on your PC.

  1. Go to the official site of IntelAppUp. There will be a list of many operating system it supports. Beneath that you can see a ‘Download Now’ box.
  2. As IntelAppUp supports many operating systems by default. So just hit on the ‘Download Now’ button and download the software program.
  1. After the IntelAppUp is installed on your PC open it. On the left hand side you can see a variety of categories: New arrivals, Books, Touch Screen Featured Apps etc.
  1. Select the Featured Apps. Many games will be displayed, some will have a price listed to them, which you need to pay before you can download and play. As Subway Surfers is a free game you can download it for free.
  1. Before you can download Subway Surfers for free you need to sign up for an account on the IntelAppUp software program which is again for free of cost.
  1. After signing up for a free account on IntelAppUp. Log in and download Subway Surfers.
  1. Just proceed with the installation process after the game Subway Surfers are installed.
  1. After the entire process a small icon of Subway Surfer can be seen on your desktop.
  1. Double click on the icon to run the application.
  1. Select the screen resolution and begin with the fun adventure you get to experience while playing Subway Surfers.

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